Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Snowflake cookies........

I love snowflakes.

Not the real ones.....y'all know I like SUNSHINE. I love fake cookie snowflakes.

The past two days have been so nice because I haven't had to go outside. That's right.

My fantastic husband has brought the kids to school for me! I love it. I can stay snuggled under the covers.

I wonder how long it will last? I mean he can only take Hannah Montana and Justin Bieber so long.  The girls told him he was boring and they want mom back.....HA.

Mom's fun......dad's boring.

Well while dad is out in the 34˚ cold weather, I'll be home in the toasty house,  baking wintery cookies.

Sound fair? Ok who cares if it's fair, right? As long as I'm warm. Besides, I can make you cute cookies.

Here are some snowflakes I made for those of you who love the cold.  The would go great with some Hot cocoa.  I had been wanting to try LilaLoa's Chocolate cookie Recipe for a while now and what better time then when your stuck in from the cold.  If you follow her instructions step by step it's a very easy recipe. Don't add too much flour. It's perfect....just follow the instructions.


  1. I've been anxious to try LilaLoa's recipe too. Your cookies are very pretty and that snowman plate is so cute.

  2. Wow these look like they were actually in the snow! How creative! You think there's a layer of ice on top. I wish I had some right now with my coffee :)