Monday, November 7, 2011

An Apple a Day....

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.......well what about a basket of them?

When I think of Fall I think of pies and of my favorites is an apple pie. Which then causes me to think of that movie Baby know the one where she inherits a baby and moves to Vermont on an apple farm and makes applesauce all day long. I know it's not pie, but it's what I think of.....can't help it.

When I saw these adorable apple basket cupcakes on Pinterest, I knew I must make a cookie version.  So off to the drawing board I went.

 I didn't have a basket cutter so what to use, what to use.  I tried to think outside the box and decided to use the cupcake cutter.  It can be made into many different cookies.  I cut out the cupcake shapes then cut off the top.  I'm sure you could leave the top on and just have a higher pile of apples, but I chose not to.

cupcake or basket cookie cutter
light brown royal icing
red royal icing
#3 tip

With #2 tip and light brown royal icing outline basket
Add handles. Let dry about 30 minutes.

With 20 second light brown royal icing fill in every other section of basket.
 Let dry several hours.

After first layer is dry, fill the remaining sections of basket with the 20 second light brown icing.
Let dry several hours.

 Next take 20 second red icing and randomly pipe dots for apples, leaving spaces between. 
If some run together like mine did, it's okay. Those will be covered later. 
Allow to dry for several hours. 

Repeat randomly adding red dots with the 20 second icing. Working in layers, drying several hours between each layer and filling in any empty spaces.
Continue to do this until your desired number of apples are piped.
Then for a little more detail take the light brown royal icing (not your flood icing) and pipe a line at top and bottom of basket.
Allow cookie to dry overnight.


  1. OMG HOW CUTE ARE THESE!!!!! Love them.

  2. Oh my goodness, I totally wanted to make some apple baskets this fall. I'm so glad I didn't. These are EXCEPTIONAL!!!! I LOVE them!!

  3. Cute Cookies! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Love the name of yours "Baking in Heels"'s Great!!

  4. haha I was just googling apple baskets yesterday. I'm making my mom fall cookies for her birthday this weekend. Is it ok if I use your idea? They are super cute!

    Tiff's Tasty Cookies

  5. @Tiff....yes, no problem at all. Anything for a mo:) Mom's are the best. My mom was huge into apples and she would have loved these.

  6. Such a cute idea. Great use of cupcake cutter! I'm totally with you on Apple a day.Who wouldn't like these apples!? Happy Thanksgiving.