Friday, November 11, 2011


How do things work in your family? When you’re driving along in the car, do you have the driver picks the music, the passenger shuts his cake hole mentality? Or is it more like my way of doing things......Driver picks the music, IF the princess is driving....otherwise its the passenger picks the music. Basically it’s just I (the princess) picks the music. Hey, I can’t listen to stupid music.
Growing up it was ALL about the music. Was that way then and it’s that way now.  It’s just one of the many things my father handed down to me I guess.  
What kind of music do you all listen to?  I’m all over the place with what I like.  Everything I listen to has some sort of meaning to me. It’s not just music. 
My music taste have a wide range from ....The Supremes, Styx, more current bands/groups like My Chemical Romance to SOME, I say SOME Slipknot. 
I’ve tried all my life to pick a “favorite” song, but for the life of me I can’t.....there are just too many. 
Well enough rambling.....let’s get on to the cookies that have nothing at all to do with music. Sorry I ramble, but you know you love me and you want to see my cute cookies.....right? You still here? Ohhhhh there you are. :) Okay right, cookies.....

 To make these Scarecrow cookies I used a cupcake cookie cutter. Lately that's my one cookie I can use in another way other than a cupcake.....hey, baby steps steps.

First outline your cookie in dark brown royal icing using a #2 tip. Let dry about 30 minutes.
 Fill with flood icing in dark brown and allow to dry a few hours.

When that's dry outline scarecrow's face and neck using tip #2 and a flesh colored icing. I used Ivory here. Let dry 30 minutes. 
(**Note: I scraped off the line to separate face and neck as it left cratering)
Now with Ivory flood icing, fill in face. Let dry several hours.
 When the face is completely dry add facial features, straw, and hat detail.


  1. These little guys are SO cute!! I can just see them at a Wizard of Oz party..with red glitter shoes, gingham, lion and tin man. But I'm getting ahead of myself. :)

    In our car, it's about 50/50 music control. My boyfriend and I both have a very broad range of musical tastes. He grew up kind of like you, his dad taught him everyting about music and keep the education broad. He's taught me a lot and introduced me to bands I didn't, but should have known about.

    Not to mention he is a fount of useful and useless music knowledge. Go ahead, pick an obscure one hit wonder no one should know. Mike knows the artist, song name and possibly even the album and/or year. Serisouly.

  2. Never even thought of the Wizard of Oz thing....great idea. I have some wizard of oz cookies, I may have to add that to the set :)