Monday, November 28, 2011

Frosty the Snowman.......

I'm so excited that Christmas is on it's way.  I am not however looking forward to any cold weather that may be headed my way. 

I mean I'm New Orleans to the core.  I live for SUNSHINE.

I'm a halter top kinda girl.  I don't want bulky sweaters and knitted hats.  

A friend texted me earlier to let me know it's supposed to freeze tonight.  Maybe she thinks I don't watch the weather......or  maybe she thinks that I may actually go out and cover my plants (she should know better)...

BUT... now that I am aware that it's going to be too cold for me to leave the house tomorrow.  

I will be inside....

with the heater cranked up....

in my halter top.  

I mean who the heck wants to go out in the freezing cold weather.  

Well I made you some cookies......some Snowman cookies.  Frosty apparently rolled into town tonight, so I thought I'd put him in the oven and warm him up.....

I just used a snowman head cookie cutter.  I wanted him to match my tree decorations so I did his hat in turquoise. Then added a bit of disco dust while the icing was still wet.  A little pink luster dust on the cheeks and he was all done. 


  1. I love your beautiful snowman head cookie! Especially love the color of the hat and the crooked mouth. So cute! Thank you for the mention.