Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mrs. Claus's Corset Cookies


I told y'all I hated cold weather.....with cold weather comes SORE THROAT!

No fun


barely there, but sore enough to irritate the heck out of me.

Yep, I have sore throat.

Now for a normal, average, everyday kinda girl, a minor sore throat may not be so bad.

BUT....for a talking, cleaning, talking, baking, talking, OCD kinda girl it stinks! Did I mention I like to talk? Yeah that's me, chatty Cathy....or Chatty Giselle as some may say.

So sore throat is NOT my friend, and it must be gone....SOON.

Meanwhile, I'll text everyone I know because it requires no voice. But just so you know I'm not a texter.....I do not like to text. For today I'll have to learn to be more like my teenage daughter and text at warp I talk.

Ok so let's get to the cookies. I made Mrs. Claus Corset cookies.....cute huh? Mrs. Claus can not be running around in a dress and apron around here. It's corsets all the way. What do you think? I used a scalloped edge corset cutter I purchased from It was item #4570....lots of plans for this cutter.

Meanwhile, I'll lay here in bed, with my sore throat and sketch out some Christmas cookie designs for a least until lunch time, then I'm baking....nothing can keep me from my After all, Y'all need to see cookies.....right?

I hope everyone is having a WARMSORETHROATFREE kinda day.


  1. Now if we could just make Santa look sexy.

  2. Sorry you are not feeling well. At least you can still decorate...and what a cute cookie! Feel better soon.

  3. Ooh-la-la! This puts a whole new spin on Mrs. Claus, you naughty girl! ;-)

  4. These are really cute cookies...would be great at a party! I am having a giveaway on my blog and would love to see you enter!