Friday, November 4, 2011

Easy Acorn Cookies

It's finally FRIDAY!!!!

I love the weekends. Not because I do anything exciting and fun.  I don't go out clubbing and get alcohol  spilled on my expensive shoes, get hit on by desperate men, or wake up with a mean hangover.

No, that was last month....this month is different......haaaa Just kidding.  You would have thought last month wasn't as lame as this one, but it was.

 I spend most of my weekends baking something, catching up on TVshows on my DVR, and just doing mommy things. It's actually very enjoyable. I'm not bored at all. Quite frankly, I'm never bored.  I keep busier than most people.  I really NEVER stop.  I'm OCD like that.  My friends think I must have superhero powers like wonder woman or something, but I don't.  I'm just super busy and hate to keep still.....although as a kid, I did think I was Wonder Woman....but that's another story (with cookies).

Well my OCD got the best of me with my sprinkle collection.  I say collection because I have 83 different sprinkles. Well for an OCD person the different bottles were getting to me. Especially when they are displayed on a shelf now. In the quest for finding jars to put my sprinkles in...that I love, I became extremely disappointed.....and cheap. Okay, I'm not cheap, but I am extremely impatient. So when I couldn't find jars in this small town, I opted to buy small candles in a jar, with lids. They were the perfect size and just what I least for now.  I can promise you I will decided on something else before the end of the year.  I'm just like that. Things get changed often.

Hubby came home with 22 candles the first time.  He had bought all they had at the store. We melted the wax down and removed it from the jar. Washed the jar out and added sprinkles to each one.

Well do you know the darn power went out at 2 am.  Hubby wakes me up and starts laughing...he tells me how ironic it is,  after buying all those candles, that he can't find one candle to light in all the darkness.....but we have sprinkles! I couldn't help but laugh with him......and tell him I'm so gonna blog about this.  My family is always on guard. You never know what mom's gonna blog about, so look out.

I did manage to find him a few candles that I have for such an event as the power going out. Life around here isn't all sprinkles.....well not for them. 

The rest of the candles have been bought.....all 83 jars, and are in the process of being de-waxed.  It's quite a process to be honest....and not the neatest process either.  I've spilled wax.....A LOT!

Well......on to the cookies.  I made these super duper easy acorn cookies. These are great for a beginner cookie-er.  They can be done with our without the sanding sugar.

First, with a #2 tip, outline the bottom half of the acorn in a medium brown royal icing. Then fill stem.

Next fill the bottom half with thinned medium brown royal icing.

Next outline and fill top half of acorn with  dark brown royal icing.  Let dry about 30 minutes and then fill with thinned dark brown royal icing.  (sorry for lack of picture)

If you want sanding sugar apply to top half when it is still wet. If not just allow to dry.


  1. Just so you dont miss the clubbin days:

    Are your legs tired? Because you've been running through my mind all night.

  2. Mr. Marrs......although you may find yourself humorous, I do not. That does NOT remind me of my clubbin one has ever used such a cheesy line on me. I pray you didn't use that on anyone either.....But I do Heart you!

  3. Ha ha ha...I can totally relate to the sprinkle-jar problem! I just recently went through that. I even drove over an hour to the next town to try and find the perfect jars! Sadly, they didn't have the right ones either, so I ended up at "specialty bottles." Don't check them out. You will end up buying something!