Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Skull Cookies for an old friend

Any of you Military families? If you are, you can relate to leaving behind great friends.  Not easy for an adult, much less a kid.

This week I had the pleasure of making cookies for one of my daughters BFF's.  When we were stationed in Germany for three years, my daughter and Ceci were the bestest of friends.  They were inseparable. Wherever you saw one, you saw the other.

Being in the military you have the pleasure of meeting so many new friends, which is great......but, you also eventually have to move and leave them behind. My daughter and her BFF no longer live a street over from each other.....but live 928 miles apart. They stay in touch though facebook and emails, but it just isn't the same.

She would have loved to be at her friend's birthday, but it wasn't possible. Making her cookies for her birthday was as close as we could get.

Her mother asked for me to make skull cookies with a little pink bow......It was last minute so no tutorial here today :(, but I wanted to just share the cookies I made.

I'm working on lots of great Christmas designs right now and will be posting them soon...I know, I know it's early for Christmas.  I just couldn't help myself.

Happy Birthday Ceci.....we miss you.


  1. Giselle you have outdone yourself!!! they are amazing, I know Ceci will absolutely love them. Ceci misses Paige so much, she's always wanted to see New Orleans, maybe we can stop and see you some time. Thank you again :)

  2. i cannot decide if they are scary or cute... i think i'll go with cute!
    good job, they turned out really nicely.

  3. i just read that you lived in germany for three years. liebe grüsse, giselle!