Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Queen of Hearts

So, I go in my room only to find my 3 yr old got into my MAC Wonder Woman reflects glitter! Can I just say I wasn't happy.  There's glitter all over my bed, the floor, my vanity....you name it.

She's in tears because she knows what trouble has found her.  I sit her down for the talk before the punishment. She can barely speak for all the crying and says.....bu-bu-but mommy....I wanted to look pretty just like you. How could I punish her after that? I was weak....and I left.

My husband had to handle it. He was more than willing to punish her, after all, he will be searching for that limited edition collection to replace the glitter she used.

While he is busy telling her what her punishment will be, mommy will make her pretty cookies :)

Below is a picture of The Queen of Hearts with Alice in Wonderland. If you missed the tutorial on the Alice in Wonderland cookie you can see it here. I did both cookies with the cookie cutter I purchased from Coppergifts.com. It's item #1702.


  1. Oh no..there's a match to the Alice dress...I'm in love!

  2. @Joy.....lol. Yes there's a match. You can't have Alice without the Queen. :)

  3. The matching set is just beautiful, Giselle! And I'm sure your precious daughter is beautiful, too... even without your extra glitter. ♥