Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Autobots ROLL OUT...........

My husband has to work all night and I can’t sleep. I can NEVER sleep when I’m home alone. I say alone... as in husband-less, after all I have five kids and a half of dog here.....a chihuahua doesn’t really count as a whole dog.
A million things run through my mind when my husband’s gone. I just sit and wait for a serial killer to come busting through the sliding glass door to murder us all. Yes, seriously those thoughts run through my mind. 
Then I find myself thinking and planning my course of action for when this happens. Really, I have a plan people. It always helps to be prepared right? I mean I can’t possible be crazy can I? Maybe I am, but the voices in my head say I’m not, so I’ll agree with them.
And what is it with all the creepy noises? I mean I’m waiting for the scary music from Jason or Nightmare on Elm Street to start playing....can you hear it?
I really need to put curtains up. I mean I have blinds up, but that 1/18 inch of a crack may have some psycho peeping through it.  You really never really.
Note to self.....quit being cheap and put up some curtains.
So as it’s getting later and later, or I should say earlier and earlier I do what any NORMAL person would do.....I bake.  After all the more noise I make, the less noises I can hear. 
With my husband on my mind I decided to make some Transformer cookies. If you’re wondering how I came up with Transformer cookies from missing my husband.....see picture below. 

Yes those are his.
He’s been collecting them since he was five.....twenty-six years later he’s still like a little boy with that twinkle in his eye when he’s in the toy section...or as I like to call it, the Transformer section. 
I probably have that same twinkle in my eye when I see a new cookie cutter, or any baking stuff for that matter.....who am I to judge.....I’m still planing out my course of action for when the murderer makes his way through my sliding door. 
To make the Transformer cookies......
First draw or trace your image.  You can use paper, a plastic lid, or stencil paper located in the craft section of your local Wal-mart. Then cut stencil out. 
Roll out your cookie dough. Place stencil on dough and cut out using a paring knife. Bake according to your directions and allow to cool.

After cookie has cooled, lay stencil on cookie. Using a food marker trace outline of image onto cookie.

 With a #2 tip pipe over outline. For Autobots use red, for Decepticons use purple. Let dry about 30 minutes then fill with flood icing. If you don’t like to have empty space on the cookie, like me, then fill remaining spots in with grey icing. These I didn't fill with the grey icing. My three year old liked them just as they were.
Here are the finished cookies for the man who keeps all the “bad guys” away.

~Throw on your heels and get to baking~

Monday, August 29, 2011

Back to School......

Finally the kids are back in school.
Who knew that children could invent so many things to argue about. Did you know it's the end of the world if someone breathes on you? Well apparently my kids think its horrible if someone breathes on them. I think my name was used constantly over the summer. Mom he's breathing on me, mom she's taking too long in the bathroom, mom, mom, mom.
Well bless their little hearts they are in school. That just leaves the two babies at home. Who knew it could be so quiet with two babies in the house. I kinda miss the older ones being at home......but don't tell them I said that...shhhhh. 
I'm enjoying my time baking. I know it's the second week of school, but better late than never right? Hey it's been a crazy busy week. 
~Throw on your heels and get to baking~

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hellooooo Kitty . . . . .

What girl doesn't like Hello Kitty? I mean what's not to like?

One of my oldest friends adores Hello Kitty....and when I say adore, I mean she has EVERYTHING Hello Kitty....down to a Hello Kitty tattoo. So when I saw this Hello Kitty cookie cutter I just had to get it.  Her 30th birthday is coming up and these cookies were sure to make her day. I remember when I turned what a crazy night...and she was right by my side.  I had to do something special for her birthday.

 So the cookie cutter arrived about a week ago....I know, its been a while....but I was very busy.  Come on you get busy too. Things just get away from a girl sometimes. I mean you wake up and check your email....then that facebook page. Then you look at some cookies cutters, because well, you just don't have enough....and before you know it the entire day has been wasted and you didn't bake a thing. Yes, that is usually how my day goes. 

So I woke up and was determined to get these cookies baked. After all nothing screams friend of the year like baking cookies for your friend......right? Well here's to you Starr.....Happy 30th Birthday...wish I was there to celebrate with you. Muah!

~Throw on your heels and get to baking~

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pokie Knot flower cookies. . . .with ladybugs

Kids come up with the cutest things, seriously they do. As a mother of five...Yes FIVE... I've heard my fair share of mispronounced words. It never loses its cuteness and always keeps me entertained. My three year old loves polka dots or Pokie Knots as she calls them. It's too cute to even correct.

I'm constantly surfing the web for new cookie ideas. I remembered seeing some polka dot cookies with tiny ladybugs on them a few months back. I apologize in advance for my lack of memory on where I saw them, but they were the cutest things ever.......aside from my five little cookie monsters.

So off to the kitchen I went to bake some flower cookies.....after all,  I am trying to get mom of the year at some point. After they were finished cooling, I started the outlining process and gave them a few minutes to dry. Next came the flooding and more waiting. It seems like time stands still when you're waiting for icing to dry.

 My little angel was so first. Then came the know the one..... "mommy are they done yet?" After quite a bit of waiting....because you know they take quite a bit to dry completely, she finally could eat her cookies. She even shared one with her baby sister....yes, just one.

I think they turned out rather cute, don't you?

~Throw on your heels and get to baking~

Friday, August 19, 2011

Creamy Peanut Butter pie in honor of Mikey. . . . . . .

As I sat and surfed the web last night I came across a fellow food bloggers post, In Jennie's Kitchen.   A heart attack had taken Jennie's  husband without warning this week.  As I read her story my eyes filled up with tears.  She had been meaning to make her husband his favorite pie, but put it off as we all do.  Life always has us so busy.  How many times do we put off things, thinking we can always do it tomorrow?  I do it all too often.  I’ll play with my kids after, I’ll dance with my kids after, after, after, after. What if tomorrow doesn’t come? Jennie invited everyone to celebrate Mikey’s life on Friday.  To help in the healing process she asked that we make Mikey’s favorite pie......Creamy Peanut Butter Pie and share it with someone we love.  So today that is exactly what I did.  I made Mikey’s favorite pie and shared it with my husband and my five beautiful children.  Live each day as if it were your last....because we aren’t promised tomorrow......

If you would like to ready Jennie's story, you can do so at

~Throw on your heels and get to baking~

Monday, August 15, 2011


 It all started with a love of baking. My mother spent countless hours in the kitchen baking up every and any dessert you could imagine. Sugar...she always loved sugar. She would even sing the song Sugar Sugar by Archies on a regular basis.  Momma just knew what was good. 
I spent many days with her in the kitchen. I would do the dinners and she would do the baking. It was just how we did things. We did what we were best at. After my husband joined the Army we were stationed in Germany. That’s when things would change. Being a girl from New Orleans, my cooking needs couldn’t be met in Germany. They just didn’t have the ingredients I needed to complete my meals. We use a lot of seafood!

I quickly called my mother with my dilemma.  She suggested baking instead, like that was so surprising.....sugar sugar. I enrolled in a local Wilton class and my love  of cake decorating began. From there I moved on to cookie decorating. 
Seems I'm always in the kitchen now.....yes baking in heels.