Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 New Year cookies

This week I've decided we have too much stuff. Really, we do. There comes a point when you run out of room to put it all.

Seriously, there is only so much storage space.

Now, mind you I live on a military post in a duplex. Not much room to begin with. We don't even have a pantry for food. REALLY NO PANTRY. Who the heck can function without a pantry? My front closet I turned into a pantry months ago.....but anyway too much stuff in this house.

It's time for a New Year.......which gets me thinking about starting new.

So out with the old and in with the new. I started boxing up old toys, old clothes and just stuff we didn't use anymore to donate to goodwill. I'm one of those people who just hate clutter.

Sometimes I really want to just throw everything I own away and start all over from scratch. Don't you ever feel like that?

Well it's obvious I can't really throw out everything BUT I can throw out some things and have less clutter.

Do NOT mistake less clutter for less CUTTERS. I will continue to clutter the cookie room with cutters. After all it is my space to be creative and decorate cookies. It's the time I need to keep from going insane.

Ok.... I'm babbling again.

I made cookies for the New Year.

Can you believe it's going to be 2012 already? The time really does fly. Hopefully you were having fun when it was flying.

Ok so I couldn't do a tutorial on all the cookies, but I did do a tutorial on the party hat. Please excuse the fact that the first two pictures were taken of one hat and the rest were taken of the other hat. The same steps apply so just pretend it's the same hat.

First outline bottom of hat and top of hat.
 Fill with white 20 second icing
 Outline outer edge of cookie and diagonal lines in purple royal icing and #2 tip
Fill every other section with blue20 second icing and let dry a few hours
 Next fill remaining lines with purple 20 second icing and let dry several hours
 Now outline in between diagonal stripes of hat with grey royal icing
 Now while the grey icing is still wet pour silver disco dust over it and allow to dry about an hour
 Shake off excess disco dust (Don't worry about the excess disco dust left on the cookie)
Take a CLEAN paintbrush that you'll only use on food and brush excess disco dust off of cookie. Then you're done! 


  1. These are beautiful.HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  2. For a moment there, I was going to ask for those cookie cutters you were going to get rid of (even though I was sure you were later going to point out that the cutters STAY!).
    I love love love the cookies..the combination of those colors is a fave of mine.
    And yes, I feel like that's my resolution for this year to declutter also!

  3. Thanks Ladies. I hope you both have a fantastic New Year!

  4. Hey, we live in a duplex in military housing as well. You're now my cookie/baking blogging TWIN! *love*

  5. These are my FAVORITE new years cookies i have seen!!!! WOWO!!!! I wish I would have seen these earlier!! AWESOME job!

  6. wow! you are an artist!!! i liked a lot!!!