Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mardi Gras Mask

As most of you know I only have one son and four girls. So things around here are usually all tiaras and sparkles. The girls usually have control of everything around here. The boys are just outnumbered.

 So the only time you hear us squeal is when we see a spider....a moth....and occasionally a grasshopper.....yes I can't stand grasshoppers. Look, they hop at you....Yuck.

The day after Christmas my son went deer hunting with his Paw Paw. He got his first two kills on this all of ten minutes.  Right in the jugular....ONE shot. Yes, my baby know's how to shoot VERY well.

So right after the deer were shot, I got the picture text within minutes, which just made me so glad I purchased him an Iphone last glad. If that wasn't bad enough, he came home today.....with some of the deer.

Well it has been a squealing kinda day around here. I guess my son figured he was due some squealing and grossness around here since he has had to deal with sparkles and tiaras around here all these years.

Guess who got to keep him company while he cleaned off the deer antlers that he wants to keep? You guessed it......ME. I squealed, I gagged, I ewwwwwwed, the works. It was utterly DISGUSTING! I know he appreciated the time I spent with him while he cleaned things up, but it was as gross as ever and I NEVER want to keep him company while he's doing that again.

When that was over I had to go to my happy place.....a very happy place.....COOKIES!

I love Mardi Gras mask. There are so many beautiful ones out there. I have a few that I've purchased over the years.

I knew I had to make some Mardi Gras mask. I bought two Mardi Gras mask cutters from the fabulous . Their cutters are never a disappointment.

They were very easy to make. I just outlined and filled the mask and let them dry. Then decorate the top however you want. It's super easy.

Here's an alternate mask that I decorated. They'll look pretty no matter how detailed or simple  you make them. 

If you missed the other Mardi Gras Cookies I made you can view them here.

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