Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas tree

Is it just me, or is it so busy this time of year that it seems you just can't get it all done? I mean is it really possible? My laundry says it isn't. 

With five kids y'all know I have my fair share of laundry, but geez I think it's taken over. If I had someone to just come and do my laundry I'd have it made. Any takers? 

I'll make you lots of cookies? 


Ok, I understand. I don't blame you. Guess I'm stuck doing my own laundry......or staring at it from my cookie room.  I'll just keep baking, never to look up at the clothes needing to be folded so bad.

Well no Christmas would be complete without a tree. Y'all have your tree up yet? For those who procrastinate.....let's get with it and get it up. We only have eleven days left.

I really can't talk, my lights still aren't up. Nope, they are untangled and ready to go up outside, but my husband hasn't gotten to them yet.  PROCRASTINATOR! Yep that's him. 

Well I made some Christmas tree cookies and thought it just wasn't complete without some presents. Totally simple to make. 

Sorry for the lack of laundry is calling me. I'll have a good tutorial for you guys soon to make up for it ok?

I knew y'all would understand. Hope everyone has a great day......and get your laundry folded. 


  1. This set is really cute. Did you use luster dust for the gold on the tree?

  2. You have a COOKIE ROOM??? I want one, too :( Everytime I want to bake cookies I take over the whole house! Make them in the kitchen, cool them in the living room, decorate in the dining room...and when dinner time comes, we don't have a place to sit! Haha I frustrate everyone.
    Your tree looks pretty. My tree is up but I'm not liking it this year. I didn't put my all into it

  3. Love the glitter on the tree garland and those teeny tiny decorated presents are adorable.