Friday, December 9, 2011

Mr. Bingle

Ok so I really didn’t want to go out last night Christmas shopping AGAIN.....It’s cold. When I left four years ago to live in Germany it was not cold around this time of year in New Orleans.  It’s normally warm around Christmas time. I come back and I think I brought the cold back from Germany. 

Not loving the weather.
So off I went yet again out in the cold to finish Christmas shopping. Only one kid left to buy for. Four out of five were done. That’s not so bad, right? Normally I do it all in one day but it didn’t work out that was this time. So last night I got the fifth child’s presents and was DONE! 
Ok well not done, done.
I’m bad....
Really bad about Christmas. I’m not ever OFFICIALLY done. I start off good, with a budget and all. 
I finish.....I stick to the budget......
then I add.....and add some more. Until there are not anymore days left to until December 23rd.  

I’d shop on the 24th but our family does their annual Christmas party on Christmas Eve. It’s been that way since I was born and we still do it that way.  
So yeah, I’m one of those parents. The one who buys and buys and buys until I run out of shopping time. 

Yes, my kids are spoiled. 

Yes, they have too much junk.

 Yes, I will regret it. 

I always do. Especially when I’m tripping over toys.....or worse, stepping on them. 
Are you ever barefoot and step on a toy? Yeah, that Hurts like doo doo. 
So I worked on some cookies before I went shopping last night. 

All this Christmas shopping gets me thinking about when I was a kid and so excited about Christmas. I’m really gonna show my age here, but do you guys remember Mr. Bingle? No, I’m not that old, only in my thirties but I do remember Mr. Bingle. He was the Christmas icon of the department store, Maison Blanche. He was Santa's assistant. He’s was a true New Orleans icon.
So I could not go making Christmas cookies without making a cookie of Mr. Bingle. 
What reminds y’all of Christmas time as a child? Any special memories? I’d love to hear them.


  1. When I was little, we always had a fire on Christmas Eve at my mom's house. Then, "Santa" would leave footprints in ash on our dark blue carpet so that I knew he had come down the chimmney. I loved waking up to the magic footprints.

  2. Julie.....that's such a cute sweet memory.