Monday, January 2, 2012

I Heart U cookies

Oh My Goodness......Skyrim is the DEVIL.  Seriously.

For those of you who know about the video game called Skyrim, you know it is addicting and your husband, like mine is glued to the sofa playing that darn game he got for Christmas.

I asked my husband to take the blow up Santa down like four days ago. First he said it was a bit wet and needed to dry out because it was deflated and it had rained. UMMMMMM that was four days ago now.

Please get off the sofa!

I did say please. I really meant MOVE NOW!

But no.....he sat, staring at his 70 in 3d tv playing that dumb game! My Santa is still going strong in the front yard. Maybe he can stay there until next year? A little tacky yard decoration won't hurt....will it?

Then my husband thinks he's slick when he asks me to sit and watch him play because.......wait for it.....wait for I can make Skyrim cookies. He goes on to say I can make swords, helmets, and ......I cut him off at helmets. He's a bit delusional.

At least I have my cookies....right?

Well I still love him but no Skyrim cookies for him. Nope, he will get valentines cookies.

I love you cookies is all he will get. I had to make these to remind me that yes I love you honey......
even though I'm sick of seeing you play that game.

These were so easy to make. A beginner can make these easily.

First outline letters in pink royal icing using a #2 tip. Let dry about 30 minutes.

Next fill letters with pink 20 second royal icing and allow to dry for a few hours.

Outline heart with red royal icing and let dry 30 min.

Then fill red heart with red 20 second icing. Allow to dry over night.

When letters are dry you can leave as shown here or you can add some stripes or dots as shown at top of post.


  1. HAAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!! We have the same thing going on here! Funny thing is we both got each other Skyrim as a Christmas present... so we argue who gets to play first! Skyrim cookies huh? Maybe I'll try to make some and send them over? But not the swords and the helmets.. just the logo for Skyrim. I'm so glad someone else out there is addicted to it like my fiance (I can stop at any time and go bake, that's for sure!)
    Love the cookies! Can't wait for Valentine's Day!

  2. Your cookies are great! Honestly though, I hadn't heard of Skyrim before reading this post.

  3. lol...You aren't missing out. I'm not a big video game person.