Wednesday, January 30, 2013

"You're a Hoot" Valentines Cookies

Whooooo will be my Valentine?

Yeah, I know. Silly aren't I?  Don't you just love silly valentine's sayings? They make me giggle.

It's the simple things in life that make me happy.

Ok that's a lie....SHOES make me happy....and handbags.....and jewelry......and clothes.....

Ya know what, forget what I said about simple things making me happy. I lied.

Great, now I'm a liar and everyone knows. Please still be my friend. I'm lots of fun.....and I make cookies!

So WHOOOO wants to make Owl cookies with me? Sorry couldn't help myself.

Ok really......let's decorate cookies.
Roll out your cookie dough and cut out some circles. Using a leaf cutter make some indentions for the owl's wings. If you are good at doing things free handed then you can skip making the indentions. Bake cookies according to your recipe and allow to cool. 

 After your cookies are baked and cooled. Use a #2 tip and red piping icing to outline wings. 

Fill in wings and let dry about an hour. 
Using a #2 tip and pink piping icing add rows of scallops for feathers and outline owl's body.

Fill in feathers first. Alternate sections and give about 20 min to dry in between. 
Then fill in the rest of the body. You could skip this step and just fill the entire body in pink without the scalloped feathers.
Let cookie dry.

Using a #12 tip and thicker than flood consistency icing, add two big eyes. Then use a #2 tip to add a black dot to the eyes. 
Outline wings in red and scallops in pink.

With a #2 tip add an orange beak and feet.
Let cookie dry completely.

There you have it....a cute owl for whooooever you want to be your valentine.

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Hope everyone's having a fabulous week!

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