Thursday, January 24, 2013

Monkey Cookies

Monkeys and Banana's..... My kids have been acting like little monkeys and I feel like I'm going bananas. 

Really and truly bananas. Like, lock me in a padded room bananas. 

Then, I keep thinking I'm seeing things. I swear I can see something crawling from the corner of my eyes, only to look and it's not there. 

See...I'm officially loosing it. I think it's lack of sleep syndrome. My baby sleeps through the night but, I'm up......wide awake.....making cookies.

Hey, it's when I can truly be alone in my own little world. Don't judge.

Wanna see how to make these cute little monkeys? 

To make these cute little cookies you will need:
Monkey cookies, baked and cooled. {I bought my cutter here.}
Brown royal icing
Pink royal icing
White royal icing
Cream royal icing

With a food safe marker outline an oval shape onto bottom center of cookie.

 With cream royal icing and a #2 tip, outline the oval shape you drew.

Fill in oval with cream flood consistency royal icing. Next take some pink 15 second royal icing and spread it on the cookie with an offset spatula. Outline cookie with brown royal icing. Let dry.

Outline center of ears with brown royal icing. 

Fill in brown section of cookie with brown flood consistency royal icing. Let dry overnight.

With 15 second icing add whites of eyes.

With brown piping icing add mouth and outline cookie.
Add two black dots of icing to the eyes. 

 You can also add a little flower or bow by the monkey's ear and make girl monkeys. 

Hope everyone's having a happy Thursday!


  1. so cute, if you are going to go crazy cookies always make it better.

  2. Adorable. Thanks for the step by step. I have been eyeing that cookie cutter. Kathy

  3. hi, thank you for this cookies but I have a question? where can I buy the Icing ?

    1. You can find the recipe for royal icing here.

    2. ok thank you :)