Friday, January 25, 2013

Royal Icing Hearts

Slade had his four month old check up this week. You mom's know what that means....SHOTS! A mother's nightmare.   Luckily this time he only received two injections.

The first one he didn't even let out the slightest whimper....oh but the second one he was not pleased with. It was the saddest little cry I ever heard. Totally broke my heart.

He's over it now and on to being a happy four month old. Smiling at everything. He even giggles...but only at me. I'm his favorite. He told me this.

I heard him.

It's true.

Well even if he didn't actually say it because he can't say words yet, we all know it's true. You can just tell.

Pay no attention to the picture of him sleeping on daddy with his favorite toy. I'm still his favorite. Daddy is just snuggly.  I fall asleep if I lay on him too. He's good like that. 

This week I made tons of cookies. Which means tons of icing.....leftover icing. Since I had a good bit of red left over I thought I'd put it to good use and make some royal icing hearts. They were really easy to make.

Wanna give it a try?

Ok, put your red icing in a bag with a #2 tip. If you want bigger hearts, use a bigger round tip. I used a #2 for mine.

Get out a sheet of wax paper.

Begin by squeezing a dot onto the wax paper, then stop squeezing as you pull down.

Then squeeze another dot next to first one....stop squeezing and pull down forming a heart.

Repeat this a five thousand times or until you're sick of piping hearts. It's totally easy.

Let these dry for a day. You want to be sure they are completely dry. Then just simply peal them off the wax paper. Store them in an airtight container and use on cookies, cupcakes or whatever else you want to add little hearts to.

 Hope y'all have a totally fabulous weekend!

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  1. oh my gosh look at his little chubby cheeks! So cute, and moms are always the favorite, dads just don't have the "wow" factor that we do. And I so keep meaning to try making royal icing things.