Friday, January 11, 2013

Metallic Dress Cookies

It's FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!

I took a little break to recover from the holidays. I need a real vacation. I thought after I had the baby my life would just go back to normal...wake up, drink coffee, get kids to school, clean house, eat lunch, clean some more, pick up kids, clean some more, cook dinner, decorate cookies, blog, clean again, then off to bed.

Not happening! It isn't going that way. I certainly didn't think adding baby #6 would make that big of a difference. What's one more?  Apparently one more is like fifteen more. I'm frazzled! Don't get me wrong, he is a fantastic baby. He just ALWAYS wants to eat. Nursing is a full time job. My girls never nursed this much. Not to mention I am now a human pacifier. 

My schedule goes a little more like this now.....wake up, fall back asleep, wake up, drink coffee my teenage daughter has made me (God bless her), get kids to school, nurse baby, potty train toddler (that's an all day thing), get baby down for nap, pull out my hair because toddler wakes up baby, feed myself and toddler, nurse baby, pick up kids from school, nurse baby, throw dinner together, nurse baby....blah blah's now 2am and I've not made cookies and I can't blog!!!! 

I really think I got ten grey hairs last week. GREAT, now I have to squeeze in a hair appointment. Can you say stressed out?

So I took a step back to focus on the most important things in my family. I had lots of snuggles with the baby. Spent time with the older kids. Still potty training the toddler....she's a bit slower than the other kids were. Things are getting into more of a system. I even got some baking and cookie decorating in! Life is good. 

Georganne of LilaLoa gave us a challenge on the first of January to make something without color. I perfect. Less colors to mix=more time to decorate! It was a win win. I'm not a fan of mixing icing....or the clean up after. I simply like to decorate cookies. 

These were the cookies I came up with for the challenge.

I'm going to show you how to make the dress in the middle.  The dress on the right was inspired from these cookies by Callye of Sweet Sugarbelle.

1. Bake cookies and allow to cool. I pieced the dress together using a heart and large party hat cutter.

2. With a #5 tip and piping icing, pipe a row of dots across bottom of cookie. Take a small damp paintbrush and stick it in middle of dot and pull toward you.

3. Pipe a second row of dots, repeating step #2.

4. Repeat this until you reach the top dress section. Leave room for the sash. 

5. Outline dress top with #2 tip and grey piping consistency icing.

6. Fill dress top with flood consistency grey icing. Let dry several hours.

7. Add a sash with white icing. I used icing that was a bit thicker than flood icing. Let dry over night. 
I made rose royal icing transfers and allowed them to dry overnight. I added the rose the next morning using a dot of piping icing and glued it onto the sash.

8. For a metallic sheen, spray cookie with Wilton color mist spray in silver. Let dry.


  1. The dress are gorgeous. Thank you for this great tutorial. Kathy

  2. Beautiful! I found your link up through Lilaloa and came to check out your dresses. I've been trying to brain storm what cookies to make myself and was thinking a similar direction (along with a bunch of other ideas! so who knows!). The one with all the ruffles is awesome! such a work of patience and detail!

    1. Thanks Sarah. Yes, it does take a lot of patience. It's something I enjoy to do. It's my escape.

  3. Your cookies are just beautiful. I have recently gotten into the blogging scene and always wanted to decorate cookies like this. I tried one time and they so DID NOT come out like I wanted. My icing fell off the cookies and just didn't flow. You give me motivation to try again. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.


    1. Thanks Kim. You should start decorating cookies again. My first cookies and many after didn't always turn out so well. Even now sometimes they don't come out good. Icing consistency is key. If the icing fell off the cookie then it was not thick enough. With practice you will find the consistency that works best for you.

  4. Oh Giselle, my daughter is a human pacifier right now too. I can totally understand and empathize! You have your hands SO very full. You did a beautiful job on these cookies and I bet it was enjoyable and relaxing to get a little "me" time! Your cookies are stunning! Hugs, Cristin

    1. Thanks Cristin. I loved my "me" time. Now I'm just trying to balance my time between all the things I love.

  5. Those are just fantastic! Lovely details and textures suggested by the decorating techniques. Just love them!
    Wow congratulations on your 6th baby!! Hat's what being a hero is all aboout isn't it?! I' struggling to get back to normal woth only two :) thank you for the inspiration!