Thursday, September 8, 2011

Scalloped heart flag cookies......

It's been a crazy week. A sick baby, overworked husband, and teenagers who seem to need you for EVERYTHING you can imagine. Does it ever get to a point when they do things on their own? I think I may have created little monsters.... all on my own.

My name is called eight million times.....and we won't even get into the text messages.  My phone is constantly going off with a text from one of them. Thank God the two babies can't text yet. Although my three year old is working on that skill, thanks to her teenage sister. She's already too big for her britches.

Can I get a do-over? Can we go back in time to they were little and fix all the little mistakes we made as parents? Let them do some things on their own so they will be independent.

My son will be EIGHTEEN next month.....where have the years gone? Where ever they went....they went way too fast. Seems like just yesterday he was four, crazy about dinosaurs and Tonka trucks. The years flew by so fast that I never stopped doing things for him and started teaching him to do things on his own. Really.....I do everything.

I'm really not quite sure what he's going to do when he moves he going to move out....Oh no that can't happen. I want him to be my little boy forever....he doesn't ever have to move out... does he? Here we go.....this is where the problem originates....I want him to be my little boy....FOREVER. Did I mention he is my ONLY son. ONLY,  as in the ONLY one.....ORIGINAL.

Well I want to apologize in advance to the girl he marries.  It's my fault he doesn't do anything for himself and she should feel free to drop off all his dirty laundry and call me when his things need to be picked up. I'll be over in a jiffy to help out....after all it's my fault.

I will pray he finds a girl who is willing to pick up all his dirty socks off the floor, provided he did change them, and is willing to cook him every meal because all he can make is a sandwich or hot pocket. He can live off hot pockets and sandwiches right? Better than cookies I guess.

Please tell me I'm not alone here....tell me you are all the same way with your babies and have created little monsters. I need some sort of gratification......something that tells me I did a good job and I'm a good mother.

......and son, if you are sure to change your socks :)

OKAY....on to cookies....

To make the cookies, roll out your favorite roll out cookie recipe. Using a scalloped heart cutter, cut out the desired amount of cookies. Let cool on wired cooling rack.

Next outline cookie. One side in white with stripes. The other side in blue. (sorry I didn't get a picture of blue outlining....but you get the picture)

Next fill in white sure to just fill every other one. Allow to dry for several hours then fill in red stripes....let dry.

Next fill in blue half of heart. Allow to dry for several hours. 

Pipe stars with #1 tip. Let dry overnight. 

~Throw on your heels and get to baking~

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