Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fall is in the Air.......

I just love this time of year. The weather is so nice. It's not as hot and there's finally a breeze.  It's the time of the year when you know it's getting close to the holidays.

Halloween is drawing near.  Is it too early to start decorating?  I think I will have my husband get the decorations out tomorrow......

Tonight, I'm home alone .....yes he's working all night....again. Which leaves me home alone with the five kids.  Normally that means someone's sick. It never fails, if he's gone then one of us is sick.

Tonight was not an ordinary night! Yippie for a night of healthy kids.  The babies even went to bed on time.  What more could a girl ask for?

With everyone in cooperation mode we sat down to watch Black Swan.....not a movie for all! After my daughter getting a bit more of an education then I wanted her to have at twelve years old, I tried to turn the dvd player off.  Now keep in mind that anytime you want to turn something off so your child doesn't see it....the remote NEVER works.....not ever!

After finally getting the movie stopped we went in search for a new one.

My daughter picked out one that was going to be funny, which to me equals stupid and boring to mom.  This time I was wrong.....yep I admit it I was wrong.  Now please don't go advertising this to my husband. He's still at that stage where he really thinks I'm always right.  No really, he does.  I'll never tell him otherwise.  It's just better that way.

Well the move was called You Again. It was very funny and I think I laughed the entire movie.  My girls on the other hand fell asleep before it was even over.

The movie was over and it was time to COOKIE!!!!!! It was quiet and I was all alone in my kitchen with no distractions.....AHHHHH.

I couldn't wait to make some halloween cookies. Nothing major but just wanted some fall colors to work with.

I started by baking scallop edged square cookies using roll out dough.

I baked them and let them cool.

While the cookies were cooling, I mixed up a batch of my favorite royal icing and colored it.  Now everyone has a personal preference on the consistency of their RI.  Some use the same consistency for outlining and flooding and some don't.  I prefer to use two different consistencies.

I'll do a tutorial on royal icing soon.

While you are waiting for your cookies to cool, color your icing your desired color.  Here I chose to use orange and black.

I outlined edge with a stiffer RI and let dry about 20 minutes. Next take your flood icing and fill in the cookie.

For dots: I used wet on wet technique. You apply the dots when the orange icing is still wet. I squeezed harder for the larger dots and lighter for the smaller ones.  Using the wet on wet technique your icing will lay flat.  Then I just let the cookies dry overnight.

For the spider web cookies: I also used wet on wet technique. After flooding the cookie with orange icing, I piped lines in the upper corner. Then just simply take a toothpick and drag through lines, giving a spider web effect. Repeat until you work your way to the edge of the cookie.

It was late and I didn't take pictures of the process. I'll be sure to get more pictures next time.

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