Monday, September 5, 2011

USA Star cookies.....

Labor day.....

The hubby is off today....yippie! Unfortunately we have had a sick baby in the house for the past three no rest for the weary here.

If you're a mom you know there isn't a day off for you today.  It's work as usual....not that I'm complaining. In my opinion it's the best job in the world. My babies are my life. But,  please excuse my less then perfect cookies and short blog post....I've been up for a few days straight. I'm sure at some point I will fall on the floor unconscious  like a Sims character who didn't get rest or food....wait did I eat today? hmmmm I wonder.

Oh and my hubby.....Oh, I couldn't ask for a better hubby then the one I have. He's always so helpful. What I can't quite understand is that how he can still find me attractive with my hair a mess, bags under my eyes, flour on my face and the grey in my hair that desperately needs to be dyed. To spite the way I have looked the past few days he still finds the time to tell my how beautiful I am. *SIGH*

I made cookies with him in mind......which is often. He's an American Soldier....a true hero.  He stands for the USA.....the American worker. To him I owe the world.

I made USA star cookies late last night.

First bake and cool star shaped cookies.

With a #2 tip outline stars in white royal icing and let dry a bit.

Next fill the cookie with white flood icing. While icing is still wet drop dots with a #1 tip and thinned out red royal icing. I usually work 2-3 cookies at a time.
Let cookies dry for several hours.

Next with blue royal icing and a #2 tip write USA in center of cookie. Let dry.

Another super easy patriotic cookie.

~Throw on your heels and get to baking~

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