Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Love Letter Cookies

I love writing letters. Traditional know the ones with pen and paper.

No Emails or text.

A REAL letter. 

Maybe it's the military wife in me. After two deployments I'm a letter writing PRO!

It was the ONLY good thing during the deployment. I wrote my husband every day.

There was just something about buying all the pretty stationery. And lets not forget to spray it with some perfume. 

Last but not least, it was sealed with a lipstick kiss or some sort of sticker.

So when making Valentine's day cookies I just had to make a little envelope with a heart on it. Too cute right?

Well they were quite easy too.

You'll need:
rectangle cookies
white royal icing
red royal icing
#2 tip

First outline cookie

 Next fill two opposite sections and let dry a few hours.

Then fill top section and allow to dry several hours. Then fill bottom section.
 Let dry a few hours

After cookie is dry pipe details and allow to dry about an hour.

Then outline a heart

Fill heart with red flood icing.
If you want to leave heart as just an outline then do heart before the detail on the envelope. 
Mine was an afterthought so the detail was already piped. 


  1. I love writing traditional letters, too! Same feeling about the pretty stationery :)
    Cookies are adorable as always. These are easy enough for me to try :)

  2. These are so adorable!

  3. Oh my word - these are just the cutest!!

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