Monday, January 30, 2012

Pregnancy and Baking

You would think that after being pregnant as many times as I have, I would be a pro at this.

NOPE.....It's kicking my butt.

You forget what it was like those first few don't remember. You think, ahhhhhh it's not that bad.

WRONG......first of all the only thing I want to do is sleep. I have never felt so lazy in all my life. It's all coming back to me now, and it's not good.

And if being totally exhausted wasn't enough, I have constant nausea. CONSTANT. Why do they call it morning sickness when it hits you all hours of the day and night?

I lay on the sofa thinking.....I've gotta blog, I've gotta blog, I've gotta blog.....then when I go to get up, my body tells me to get back to the sofa NOW.

I miss blogging and most of all I miss baking. I don't even cook.

My poor husband deserves a trophy because on top of the nightly foot rubs.....he has to cook.

Well although this pregnancy is taking its toll on me, I have relief in knowing this is the last time. We've finally figured out what causes this.....even if it is six babies later. I will never wash my laundry with his again.

So know that I miss you guys and I'll be back blogging really soon. I've got some cute things I'm working on for tutorials, it just takes me a bit longer to get  finished started now.


  1. Oh that is so sad:( I was sick my whole pregnancy and told Hubby never again, I sort of want another one, but reading this totally reminds me why I wimped out after one! Hope you are feeling better soon, cannot wait to see what you make next.

  2. O wow your pregnant? Congrats!!!

  3. It was the same for me during my third pregnancy. Sick 24/7 for 3 months. I always enjoy the pregnancy between the 4 and 8 month though. I wasn't in the mood for baking at all! Crazy! I hope you will feel better soon. I know that ginger helps ( they even make lollipops for pregnant women). Hugs!

  4. How many kids do you have ?

  5. Congratulations! Here's hoping that all the sickness and tiredness goes away in a few weeks. Meantime...get your rest and enjoy your foot rubs and don't worry, when you are bake to baking and blogging, we will be here.

  6. Oh Giselle you're so adorable and know that we are missing you too. My daughter is pregnant in her first trimester as well and all she does is sleep. Well she also works a full-time job and goes to school at night, but other than that, she SLEEPS. She's exhausted all the time and even on her birthday, she came here and SLEPT. I think it's important to remember that your body is trying to create an entire human! Listen to your body and sleep when you need to sleep. We'll be here when you get back, no worries!