Thursday, February 7, 2013

3D Valentine Flower Cookie Pops

Ever wanted to teach your husband a lesson?

Is it just me, or does it seem anytime you need help with the kids, your husband has to go to the bathroom?

And he's in there FOREVER! life in a nut shell. Cooking needing the potty....ya know one of those HEEEELP ME moments. The moment's you say "Honey please help me." Every single time I have one of those moments. He just happens to need a bathroom visit. 

Well NO MORE!!! Yesterday I was going to teach him a little lesson. 

Hubby lets me know the baby's crying....the toddler's full of spaghetti and needed to be wiped down....the works.  Apparently he had FB games to attend to and was busy at that moment. Who knows?

So I say in my sweetest princess voice...."Could you get it baby. I really need to go to the bathroom.......too much coffee". You he'll know I'm gonna be a while.

For the record I did NOT have to use the bathroom. I'm a girl....we don't do those two hour bathroom things....unless we're in there applying makeup, but we'll talk about that another day.

So I'm in the bathroom just sitting....and listening.

Now as a mother this is not an easy thing to do.  We all know he is NOT going to do things right. The baby is going to cry a minute before he moves from his FB game or the episode of Duck Dynasty that he's seen twelve times. 

Mommies, this is not easy to endure. HOWEVER, I managed to sit there admiring my make up collection and think of new shoes that I surely needed. 

Everything became quiet. 

Too quiet. 

I sneak out and tip toe around the hall corner to see what sort of madness must be going on. Ya know,  with him in charge and all. 

Wanna know what I see? I see him napping on the sofa. The baby playing in his activity toy and the two girls sitting on the sofa quietly watching The Lorax. 

There goes my theory of teaching him a lesson. Guess the jokes on me.....or maybe NOT. 

My new afternoon thing is going to be having quiet time in the bathroom while he takes over.....Guess the Jokes on him. 

Now I just have to find a way to transform my bathroom into a fancy schmancy relaxing place.....sofas and all. Hmmm I may be on to something. 

Now that you're aware that my husband handled things better than me, lets make some cookies. 

3D Valentine Flower Cookie Pops

Start with a circle cookie cookie pop. Just roll out your dough, cut out shape, stick in the freezer for 2-3 minutes then insert the stick. Bake according to your recipe.
Need a good cookie recipe? You can get mine here.

 Outline cookie using a #2 tip and white royal icing.
Fill cookie with white flood icing.
While icing is wet, sprinkle with white nonpareils . Allow to dry.

Shake off excess nonpareils.

Outline hearts using a #2 tip

                          Fill hearts with red flood icing. Let cookies dry overnight.

Arrange heart cookies in a circle and add a dab of thickish white icing to each one. 

Place circle cookie on top of the heart petals. Allow to dry completely.
**For added cuteness, slip a stripey straw over the white stick. 
Tie a green ribbon around straw for a leaf. 

This would make a perfect Valentine's Day gift for a teacher. 
Hope your week is going good and you're getting lots of baking done!


  1. LOL I am usually the one on my phone playing something and the kid wants me, I am a really bad mom;p

    1. @Sue....LOL. That doesn't make you a bad mom. I have a "repeater". When Eva is done eating she will repeat over and over and over that she's done. She does this with everything. I get her down right away to save myself from hearing it. The hubby tunes things out. I don't possess that power.