Friday, February 22, 2013

3D Ducky Pull Toy Cookie

My baby boy turned 5 months old Monday!

The months are flying by and he's doing all sorts of new things.

He can roll over, he has two teeth, I have five new grey hairs, and the doctor started him on fruits and veggies. He LOVES to eat.

I can't wait until he's walking around dragging toys behind him.

Remember the old duck pull toy? Old toys are the best. They were plain and simple, just like these cookies. These cookies look cute yet there wasn't much decorating to be done. They were really easy to make.

For each duck pull toy cookie you will need:

4 small circle cookies
1 duck cookie
Royal icing (yellow, orange, white, and black)
yellow sprinkles or sanding sugar

Duck Pull Toy Cookie

Outline and fill small circle cookies and allow to dry. You will need four for each duck. These will be the wheels for the duck toy.

 Outline and fill duck cookie with yellow royal icing. Allow to dry several hours.

 Outline and fill duck bill with orange royal icing.
 Add a black dot of icing with a #1 tip and black royal icing.

 Add some squiggly lines for duck feathers.

While the feathers are still wet, sprinkle with some yellow sprinkles or sanding sugar.
Let dry then shake off excess sprinkles.

Add a dab of thickish royal icing. You can use yellow. I used's what I had left over.
Here's where it gets all fancy. Get a piece of aluminum foil and scrunch it up. Place it along side the cookie. This will hold the end of the circle cookie upright. Place circle cookie on top of the foil and dab of icing. Do this for both wheels. Allow to dry overnight.

After the cookie has dried overnight, flip it over and add two wheels to other side.  Place aluminum foil between the two wheels while it dries. Let dry about 6 hours.

Add a dab of thickish white icing on the back of cookie to hold pull string. Use a boo boo stick to push the string down into the icing. Allow to dry.

These would be great for a baby shower or a baby's first birthday party.  They would even be cute decorated in pink or blue!

Hope everyone had a great week. We have lots of changes going on in our house this week.  I'm still working on a schedule so I can bake, blog and take care of the family without draining myself of all  available energy and brain cells.

When do y'all do your baking and blogging? Are you a late night blogger or do you get it all done over the weekend?


  1. Licorice string would be better, you could then eat the whole cookie.

  2. Just started to bake these, can' wait to decorate these! These are so cute......thanks for posting.

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