Monday, October 17, 2011

A Superhero Cake for a True Hero

I'm not a huge fan of making cakes.  
Don't get me wrong I love doing them, but they never come out just like I want them. They aren't like cookies and cupcakes. With those I can make extra and if I mess up, I just toss that one and make another. Not so with cakes.  We don't bake four and five and choose the best one.

However, when the wife of a soldier contacts you to make a cake for her returning husband....
you say YES!
Then you pray the darn thing comes out good and they love it.

She had a picture of what she wanted, the cake design is NOT my own, but one she found online. 
We changed it a bit and made it for a soldier. 

Her husband is a HUGE Superman fan, so it was perfect. 

It came out great and the customer loved it. 

Welcome home Soldier!
Thanks for your service and a job well done.
You're wife missed you and we are all very glad you are home safe in her arms.

Cut out superman logo

Cut out yellow background  and place logo on top

Roll out round piece of fondant in blue. Make sure it's the size of your cake top.

Make camouflage fondant. Roll in circle size of cake top. Slice top to center. Fold back at cut to form collar. Add name tag. Ice the rest of cake and trim.

*Name has been blacked out for security purposes*

~Throw on your heels and get to baking~


  1. I LOVE this cake. The thought you put into the design is incredible! Great work!

  2. Thanks! Our soldiers deserve nothing but the best :)