Friday, October 28, 2011

Brownies with Candy Corn M&M's

It's almost Halloween! 

Are you all ready? Are you dressing up?

Whose dressing up as what?

Every year I make every one's costumes. 
I normally dress up but this year things just got away from me.
 I did however make the two babies their costumes. My three year old is going to be a witch and her baby sister is going as her black cat.

Cute huh? 

Well since Brownies are one of my favorite desserts I thought 
I should make you some Halloween brownies!

I picked up some candy corn M&M's from the store this hubby loves candy corn.
They were perfect for making him brownies. 

I prepared brownie mix as usual (out the box).
After pouring the mix in a greased baking dish, 
I sprinkled the candy corn M&Ms over the top.

The candy melts into the brownies. After the brownies are done, take them out
of the oven and add more candy corn M&Ms to the top. 
Serve warm.

These brownies didn't last very long. 
These were quick and easy and perfect for your little goblins. 

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