Monday, November 26, 2012

Spa Day Cookies

The Thanksgiving vacation is over and the kids are back to school this morning. They had so much fun being off of school. 

Late nights.

Slumber parties.

......and lots of "Spa" nights.  They would stay up late with their four year old sister and have make overs. They did hair and nails but, the part they liked the most was the blue-green face mask. They may have went through an entire tube of it.  

They had a great time and my table, carpet and hardwood floors survived all nail polish spills! That's a big plus around here. 

As always I made cookies.  If a cookie can be made for an occasion, I make them.  Everybody loves to eat cookies at a sleepover right?

Today I'm going to show you how I made the girl. It was pretty easy. The main thing is to wait in between sections so you have dimension. I used a jelly bean cutter I got in a Wilton set last Easter. You can purchase the set here from Karen's Cookies.

1. First bake and cool jellybean cookies                                                
2. With a FOOD SAFE marker draw the face, neck and towel on cookie as a guide.
3. Outline towel and fill top and bottom sections of towel, leaving the center unfilled. Allow to dry about an hour.

4. Fill in center of towel with flood consistency icing.
5. Outline face and neck. Fill in face with flood icing, leaving the neck unfilled. Allow to dry about 2 hours.

6. Drop two black non perils onto face for eyes.

7. Fill in neck section with flood icing add a mouth with pink icing, a little thinner than piping consistency icing. Allow icing to dry a few hours.

8. Apply blue greenish icing a little thicker than flood consistency onto the face, avoiding the eyes and mouth. Let dry.

There you have it!  Cookies for your girls when they have their spa day at home.


  1. What a great time the girls must have had. Your spa cookies are just the cutest. Those bunny slippers are too much! Love your spa girl. Can't believe you saw her in a jelly bean cutter :)

    1. Thanks. We had a fantastic time. I've been wanting to make some spa cookies for a while and it just couldn't think of what to use for the girl. Then it hit me...the jelly bean.

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