Friday, November 9, 2012

Ruffled Baby Bottom Cookies

It's Friday!!!!

I love Fridays. Well, except when I got absolutely NOTHING all week. This was one of those weeks. 

My house is a wreck. The laundry is piled up on the sofa (waiting patiently to be folded) and there are boxes everywhere in my kitchen.

I'm one of those people who hate mess. Seriously....I am. I know that sounds crazy coming from someone with six kids, but it's true. 

When things start getting out of place around the house I start getting all crazy and upset. I start picking up and mumbling about how mistreated and unappreciated I am around here. Then everyone knows mommy's in "crazy cleaning lady" mode and they get to picking up all of their things.  

I really think they all are plotting against me to see how long it takes until I snap.....and something tells me it won't be long. 

My husband sometimes calls me Bree. You know, as in Bree Van De Kamp from Desperate Housewives.

He thinks he's funny but, he's not. At least when you stop over at Bree's house it's clean and let's not forget, she did try to kill her husband. So, he really should think before name calling.

Don't y'all agree?

The reason things got a little messy this week was because I got a new cookie room!

One point for the hubby (he needs all the points he can get).

We've been moving boxes of baking related things into the new room.  I'm so glad to have my own space again to do what I love.

Last year we lived on post (military family) and I turned our dining room into a cookie room. We have since moved and bought a new house. He turned one of the six bedrooms into cookie room......and I still have a dining room! It's always nice to  still have a place to eat.

Well as we were moving boxes around I came upon boxes of the girl's baby things. Boxes and boxes of baby girl things. Things I will never use again since we are done having babies. 

Want to know what I think the cutest things on baby girls are? Yep, ruffled bottoms. There is just something about ruffled bottoms. 

So after going down memory lane, I wanted to make ruffled bottom baby cookies. I sat down and began to think and it finally came to Elmo cutter! 

That's right Elmo. I turned the cutter upside down and it was perfect. 

Here's how you make the cookies:
(Please excuse the horrid photography, I haven't unpacked all the lighting and such that I use for my picture taking)

1. Bake and cool Elmo shaped cookies. 
Turn the Elmo cookie upside down.
With a #2 tip and pink royal icing outline the cookie.

2. Fill with pink 10 second royal icing and allow to dry several hours.

3. When cookie is dry add ruffles with stiff royal icing and a #102 tip. Allow to dry a few hours.

TIP: The stiffer the icing the better the ruffle. These came out sloppy because I did NOT use stiff enough icing. For proper looking ruffles look at my ballerina cookies.

4. After the ruffles were dry I added a white trim to them with white royal icing and added a bow at the top of the ruffles using a #1 tip. Then I added baby feet with flesh colored royal icing and a #2 tip. For the toes I used a #1 tip. Allow cookies to dry overnight.

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