Monday, August 6, 2012

Nicki Minaj Concert Cookies....

My thirteen year old daughter has been making the honor roll for years. We always get her something nice at the end of each year.

One year we got her an ipod, one year an ipone, one year a kindle....and so on.

Normally when we ask her what she wants, she quickly lets us know that she wants to see Nicki Minaj in concert. Well, that's hard when she isn't performing anywhere near where you live.

When I received an email from ticketmaster two months ago letting me know that Nicki was coming to New Orleans, I knew I had to get tickets for my matter what. husband had other ideas about this. His first response was NO WAY, NO HOW.....I was pregnant and was not going to go into dangerous New Orleans with our teenage daughter to this concert.

So I had to pull out the pouty face.....and let me tell you I make a very convincing pouty face.....He never can say no to that face. For the first time, he did. I'm not one to take No for an answer sooooo, I looked him right in the eyes and said "We are going to the concert, you can come with us....but I'm buying tickets...she's been waiting forever".

He looked at me, sighed and said "OOOOKKAYYY"

So, last Friday night my husband and I took our daughter to her first concert. It was a great concert! My husband played games on his iphone the entire time, but hey at least we were there.

The things we do for our kids. We sat through 2 Chainz and Nicki Minaj all in one night.

And as if sitting through a rap concert 7 months pregnant wasn't enough for my daughter, she asked me to make I did.  After all, her pouty face is even more convincing then mine.

**To make the lip cookies follow my tutorial here.

**The splatter cookie was made using Sweet Sugarbell's technique from her speckled egg post. Then just add the text when the cookie is dry.


  1. Hello from Poland! I love your cookies! :)

  2. Hi Giselle! i chose you to receive the liebster blog award. you make some awesome stuff and i never get bored with your blog. visit my post to view the rules and pass it on to other bloggers
    thanks for all you share
    lily bean

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