Monday, August 15, 2011


 It all started with a love of baking. My mother spent countless hours in the kitchen baking up every and any dessert you could imagine. Sugar...she always loved sugar. She would even sing the song Sugar Sugar by Archies on a regular basis.  Momma just knew what was good. 
I spent many days with her in the kitchen. I would do the dinners and she would do the baking. It was just how we did things. We did what we were best at. After my husband joined the Army we were stationed in Germany. That’s when things would change. Being a girl from New Orleans, my cooking needs couldn’t be met in Germany. They just didn’t have the ingredients I needed to complete my meals. We use a lot of seafood!

I quickly called my mother with my dilemma.  She suggested baking instead, like that was so surprising.....sugar sugar. I enrolled in a local Wilton class and my love  of cake decorating began. From there I moved on to cookie decorating. 
Seems I'm always in the kitchen now.....yes baking in heels.

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